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Fuel Sensor

he demand for fuel monitoring solutions and fuel monitoring devices is on the rise. The reason for this rise is obvious. All the transport and logistics corporations have the common goal of minimizing costs with maximizing efficiency. To attain such ambitions targets, it’s a necessity to micro manage your fleet fuel management. Thus, VPK Fuel Tracking Solution comes into play to keep a close eye on the fuel usage from your fingertips at any given time from anywhere in the world.


Overfilling the vehicles in your fleet can cost your business extra. The drivers could use the gas & petroleum filling stations to fill their personal canisters and sell it or use it for their personal needs. The draining or fuel theft usually takes place when the vehicle is at stop on the roadside and the driver isn’t around the vehicle.


Every time there is the case of overfilling or fuel theft, it costs financial loss and mental distresses for the owner of the vehicles. By investing in VPK fuel monitoring systems, you can experience the improved efficiency of your fleet in a month’s time. VPK fuel tracking solutions can detect fuel theft and rapid depletion instantly and gives you the opportunity to react towards the situation instantly.



VPK fuel monitoring system is easy to install and suits with most vehicles and a high caliber GPS devices having a correlative input. The installation of GPS fuel monitoring devices for your trucks, buses or cars makes it worth every rupee and puts you ahead of your competitors.


VPK uses the world renowned Omnicomm fuel sensors and Teltonika GPS devices to make the fuel management part of your company a piece of cake. Every change in fuel level is monitored in detail and recorded precisely by the VPK fuel monitoring system. Our highly qualified and enthusiastic engineers will install and calibrate the GPS fuel monitoring device as per your requested schedule.

Key Features in Fuel Monitoring solutions


Remote Tank Monitoring

Fuel Theft Prevention

Automated Fuel Fill Reporting

Fuel Consumption Recordings

Detailed Analytics Report 

99% Accuracy Rate

Instant Alerts via SMS, E-MAIL and App Notifications

Manage Unlimited Number of Vehicles