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AIS 140 Device

As a top GPS Vehicle Tracking Company in India, VPK has instigated a market dominant AIS 140 approved GPS vehicle tracking device in India. Caping all the major towns and cities of India. VPK award winning Govt. approved AIS 140 GPS vehicle trackers and powerful web platform and applications, present a solution to all line of business from independent taxi drivers to school buses to commercial vehicles.

  • GPS tracking Device certified by AIS 140
  • GPS tracking Device certified by ARAI
  • SOS Button
  • Government approved emergency button
  • ICAT Certified
  • Dual Network Sim
  • Embedded eSim

AGPS+GPS Tracking

Get pinpointed location by means of periodically or real time.


Data Storage for upto 50000 Pieces

Store large amount of memory on gps data for history review.


Emergency Call (SOS)

Press the SOS button, in case of emergency to trigger an urgent call.


Digital I/O & Multiple analog

Control and monitor external application via outputs/inputs.


Waterproof & IP66 Dust

Stable operations ensured in tough environment.


Instant Status Detection

Instant alert when unexpected car door opening.


Intercom Communication

With speaker and MIC connected, it’s simple to realize intercom or two-way audio.



Instant alert for power off, geo-fence, vibration, overspeed. Customise with multiple alarms.